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Stop Money Laundering

Money laundering is out of control. Over a hundred billion dollars is being moved through Canada every year. Global criminals are flocking to Canada to wash their dirty money. They know our laws are weak and money washed in Canada is easy to move around the world.

Money laundering makes our communities more dangerous and drives up real estate prices across Canada.  Money laundering supports criminal acts of drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist financing.

The Government needs to act, so we can hold white-collar criminals accountable.

We need a national inquiry to investigate money laundering across Canada, laws that force criminals to make it clear what they own, and laws that punish the people who help them.

Finally, we need to give law enforcement the tools to take down money launderers. These changes will help bring an end to the party for global criminals and make criminals think twice before they wash their dirty money in Canada.

If you agree sign my petition.

You can also download the petition to sign. Mailing the petition to me is free. Just fold it up with a piece of tape and put it in the mail.